APRIL 6, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

Exclusive Event Sponsor - Lallemand Plant Care

Thank you to our exclusive event sponsor Lallemand Plant Care.

Check out this short video highlighting Lallemand Plant Care’s commitment to sustainability!

Lallemand group decided in 2006 to put its knowledge and technological assets in microbiology and fermentation for the agricultural world. And so was born the Lallemand Plant Care business unit, which has since grown significantly through the acquisition of companies specializing in plant bio protection and bio fertilization.

7:45 AM - Registration

8:00 AM - Mentor -OR- Show and Tell workshops

OFFSITE workshop

Offsite Mentorship Workshop:
Using Real-Time Data for Precision Irrigation

Rob Whyte, Chief of Operations Officer at Renteria Vineyard Management will share  new technologies to dial in the timing and amount of vineyard irrigation, with cost and quality gains with Sierra Minchaca, Climate & Soil Specialist at Napa Green.

onsite workshop

Onsite Show & Tell Workshop:
During this workshop you’ll get to visit two stations:

Station One – BlueMorph Demonstration: Alex Farren, CEO & Co-Founder of BlueMorph will demo their UV sanitation technology that has been used by wineries like Dominus Estate and Cakebread Cellars to eliminate chemical and water use for tank cleaning.

Station Two –  Water & Soil Health: Learn about the value of Irrigation Distribution Uniformity Assessments from Ben Mackie, Vineyard Program Manager for Napa Green; the interconnection of soil carbon and water retention and delivery from Adam Koeppel, CEO of Agrology; and how biochar can enhance soil moisture and plant availability from Eric Mayer, Co-Founder of Napachar. 

9:15 AM - BREAKFAST HOUR with Sustainable Services & Solutions Networking

Coffee, treats and networking with our “Sustainable Services & Solutions” partners, including Lallemand Plant Care, Agrology, Arable, BioFiltro, BlueMorphEpic CleanTec, HotSpot AG, Lumo AgNapa Green and others. 

10:15 AM - Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming remarks from Riana Mondavi, Brand Ambassador and Director of Chains for Charles Krug Winery, Anna Brittain, Executive Director of Napa Green and Martin Reyes, MW, Co-Founder of RISE.

10:20 AM - Marquee Address

Marquee speaker

Paul Muller has nearly 40 years of experience as an organic farmer at Full Belly Farms and is able to eloquently share a whole-systems view of soil health, plant health, and farm resilience in the face of a changing climate. In this Marquee address Paul will share a beyond industry perspective on taking a “life positive” approach to farming. He’ll paint a picture of life underground, the microbiome, and how that interplays with water and nutrient storage and plant availability. And he’ll share grounded stories about cutting-edge or initially “risky” practices he’s implemented or seen implemented over the years and the ultimate outcomes. Join us to see the whole landscape, including the socio-biome, through Paul’s eyes.

11:00 AM - break

11:15 AM - Living Room Salon:
The Inextricable Links Between Forest Health, Water, Fire & Climate Change

living room Salon

Regional megafires have prompted intensive work to reduce forest fire risk, and recovery is ongoing. But what role do healthy forests play in groundwater recharge and heated debates about groundwater sustainability? How can fire fuel thinning and removing invasives help forests better survive fires, keeping trees alive and storing carbon? How can we make proactive forest management on private lands financially feasible, to reduce risk, protect carbon stores, and create a healthier watershed?

During this Salon Sarah Keiser, Dr. Tosha Comendant, Conservation Science Director with the Pepperwood Preserve, will share their work and research on forest stewardship, restoration, and fire recovery and the results they’ve seen for the water cycle. Chris Ott, Environmental Director for the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians, will share their innovative forest fire recovery project, which has dramatically reduced treatment time and costs, and initial results for soil moisture, stream recharge, and unexpected benefits like suppressing invasives. Patrick Spencer, Executive Director of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, will speak to how climate change is impacting cork forests, Amorim’s Forest Intervention Project, and the role of the cork forest ecosystem in watershed health.

12:30 PM - LUNCH & WINE


Enjoy wines from Charles Krug Winery and lunch by Elaine Bell Catering