APRIL 20, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

For this culminating event there will be two Living Rooms Salons and Marquee fireworks.

Please note there will be no offsite events or workshops on April 20.

Exclusive Event Sponsor - International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)

Thank you to our exclusive event sponsor International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA).

Check out this short video highlighting International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)’s commitment to sustainability!

International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) is a collaborative working group of environmentally committed wineries focused on a science-based approach to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry.

Sponsors for this event include all of IWCA’s California Gold and Silver Level Members. 

7:45 AM - Registration

8:00 AM - Living Room Salon: Growing Resilience as Heat Rises

living room salon

In 2022, Northern California experienced record-breaking extreme heat, with temperatures exceeding 115° in some areas, threatening and destroying significant areas of wine grapes. With climate change, high heat and drought will occur with increasing frequency and intensity. This salon will explore ways to plan for and reduce these climate impacts, from rootstock, compost & biochar, row orientation, and trellising at replant, to shade cloth and canopy management, to irrigation and misting.


Matt Brain, Winemaker at Alpha Omega, will moderate a conversation with Tod Mostero, Director of Viticulture & Winemaking at Dominus Estate, sharing recent approaches to replanting for dry farming, and their use of misting; Steve McIntyre, Founder & Owner of Monterey Pacific, will share their work on regenerative farming, including the benefits they’ve seen over seven years since applying compost & biochar; and Beth Forrestel PhD, Asst. Professor of Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis, will share her research and perspective on vineyard management in the face of extreme heat events.


This Salon will discuss tough questions: Are there temperature tipping points where misting is our only tool, and what are the water use ramifications? How do we use a conservation lens to achieve varying winemaker goals? How do we shift away from creating weak vines that require excess irrigation, to minimal water use that strengthens the relationship of vine to place?


9:00 AM - BREAKFAST HOUR with Sustainable Services & Solutions Networking

Coffee, treats and networking with our “Sustainable Services & Solutions” partners, including IWCA, Agrology, Diam, MCE, Napachar, Scott Labs, Solectrac, The Clean Burn Company, Verallia, Napa Green and others.

9:55 AM - Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming remarks from Peter Mondavi, Co-Proprietor of Charles Krug Winery, Anna Brittain, Executive Director of Napa Green and Evyn Cameron, Co-Host of RISE.


Marquee speaker
Winemaker Michael Silacci has been at the helm of Opus One Winery for more than 20 years. He’s worked globally and acted locally, including serving as President of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers. Silacci is a tireless advocate for climate health and sustainability, including ensuring Opus One became the first estate certified under the new Napa Green Vineyard program, and recently becoming a member applicant to International Wineries for Climate Action. 

Anna Brittain is the Executive Director of Napa Green. She has spent her entire career working in environmental management and policy, with over 12 years working specifically on sustainable winegrowing, including more than eight years managing the growth of Napa Green. Since Anna became ED of the Napa Green nonprofit in 2019 the budget has tripled, the staff has quintupled, they’ve rolled out a cutting-edge Vineyard certification program, and set the highest bar for sustainability and climate action in the global wine industry. 
Michael and Anna will have a candid conversation about both the challenge and opportunity of taking rapid and ambitious action to ensure the future of this great wine region, building vineyard resilience and business longevity. They will discuss the questions of, “If not here, where? If not now, when?” We can and we must leverage our powerful platform to set a standard of climate action leadership that galvanizes aspirational change in the global wine industry. If you don’t leave this conversation ready to “be the change” then Michael and Anna haven’t done their job. 

10:45 AM - break

11:00 AM - Living Room Salon: The State of Sustainability

living room Salon

We will close out the 2023 RISE Climate & Wine Symposium with a dialogue on the state of wine industry sustainability. The aim of the RISE Symposium is to accelerate sustainability and climate action, and focus our sites on critical issues, opportunities, resources, and partners. Now how do we turn aspiration to action and impact, growing regional resilience and longevity while also leveraging our powerful platform to motivate global progress on all six pillars of sustainable winegrowing leadership?


Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson, will lead a conversation about the State of Sustainability. Esther Mobley, Senior Wine Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle will share her thoughts on the future of the Napa Valley and the steps necessary to remain in the global spotlight; Will Drayton, Director of Technical Viticulture, Sustainability & Research at Treasury Wine Estates, will share an international perspective on wine industry sustainability, including the evolving landscape and mandates of Environmental Social Governance (ESG); Kia Behnia, owner of Neotempo Wines & KiaTra Vineyards, will share some cutting edge approaches to sustainable winegrowing, including glass and packaging innovation; and Marlen Garcia, Youth vs Apocalypse Community Education Organizer, will share her perspective on the urgency of the climate crisis, particularly for Gen Z.

12:30 PM - LUNCH & WINE


Enjoy wines from Charles Krug Winery and lunch by Elaine Bell Catering