APRIL 13, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

7:45 AM - Registration

8:00 AM - Mentor -OR- Show and Tell workshops

OFFSITE workshop

Offsite Mentorship Workshop:
Biological & Cultural Weed Control

Join Ivo Jeramaz, Vice President of Vineyards & Production at Grgich Estate, as he works with (TBD) to talk through the practical first steps and considerations for phasing out Roundup. Adopting any new approach, whether personally or professionally, initially requires learning, time, and often cost. But once a new practice becomes streamlined there are often benefits and associated savings. Ivo has the spreadsheets to prove this case for organic farming. Be a part of this transitional conversation that will include a by the numbers analysis.

onsite workshop

Onsite Show & Tell Workshop:
During this workshop you’ll get to visit two stations:

Station One – Integrated Pest Management: See a demo of UAV-IQ drone and learn about their release of beneficial insects for biocontrol. See owl boxes and learn about the proper design, installation and monitoring from the Barn Own Maintenance Program. Also learn about the benefits of providing bluebirds with affordable housing.

Station Two – Biodiversity: Christian Cain with Perennial Grazing will share the benefits of sheep as natural lawn mowers, fertilizers, and what it takes to manage them in a vineyard. There will also be a bee keeper to talk about how to encourage pollinators in the vineyard ecosystem.

9:20 AM - BREAKFAST HOUR with Sustainable Services & Solutions Networking

Coffee, treats and networking with our “Sustainable Services & Solutions” partners, including the Resource Conservation District, Napa Wildlife Rescue, Napa Green and others.

10:20 AM - Marquee Address from Mimi Casteel, Hope Well Wine

Marquee speaker

Vineyard manager and winemaker for Hope Well Wine, Mimi Casteel is an incredibly passionate voice and example for this new era of regenerative carbon farming. Mimi is world-renowned for her vision of transformative viticulture, her approachable communication of that vision, and her on the ground examples of how to produce expressive wines from vibrant, healthy, carbon-rich soils in vineyards actively cultivating plant and animal diversity.

A 2019 Punch article noted, “To her, regenerative farming is the Manhattan Project of our time.


‘We built nuclear bombs when we felt threatened. That was a very short, very intense effort of the best minds. With a fraction of that, we could transition 400 million acres in less than a decade and that would change… everything.’”

11:00 AM - break

11:15 AM - RISE Leadership Award

The RISE Leadership Award will be presented to the winery, vineyard, or industry operation that has implemented outstanding regenerative farming practices over the past year. The Awardee will give a 5-7 minute “TED Talk” on their results and impact.

11:30 AM - Living Room Salon:
The True Value of Regenerative Agriculture

living room Salon

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has named “nature-based solutions,” including carbon farming, as one of the top five solutions to climate change. Grape growers have a proactive role they can play in both building more resilient vineyards and mitigating climate change. Practices like cover crops, compost, and conservation tillage build soil health, water and nutrient retention and plant delivery, resiliency to drought and high heat AND they store more carbon in the soil.


During this Salon, freelance journalist, author and professor Mark Gudgel will moderate a conversation with Kelly Mulville of Paicines Ranch, Ivo Jeramaz with Grgich Estate, and Natalie Winkler from Salvestrin Winery about the soil microbiome and the underground brain of the vine. This powerhouse group will discuss decades of science, ongoing research, and their own experience with the benefits of expanding regenerative farming practices in the vineyard.

12:30 PM - LUNCH & WINE


Enjoy wines from Charles Krug Winery and lunch by Elaine Bell Catering