APRIL 6, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

OFFSITE workshop

Offsite Mentorship Workshop:
Using Real-Time Data for Precision Irrigation

Rob Whyte, Chief of Operations Officer at Renteria Vineyard Management will share  new technologies to dial in the timing and amount of vineyard irrigation, with cost and quality gains with Sierra Minchaca, Climate & Soil Specialist at Napa Green.



Chief Operations Officer at Renteria Vineyard Management

As the Chief of Operations Officer, Rob’s primary focus is on company-wide productivity and culture. Additionally, he also oversees the adaption and implementation of advanced vineyard technologies, irrigation and fertility programs, and the development of new vineyards. Rob is always looking for opportunities to grow and build on both company and client goals alongside managers, supervisors,
and field personnel. Rob’s commitment for producing high-quality fruit fuels his passion for looking into new technology and development for every vineyard.




Sierra was first captivated by the natural world with help from her grandfather who has grown the most spectacular garden she’s ever known. This inspiration developed into a career path in the field of natural resource management beginning in 2013 when Sierra first joined the City of Napa’s Recycling Division where she helped usher in city-wide composting residentially and in our schools. She worked this job while studying for her B.S. in Conservation & Resource Studies from UC Berkeley where she had the opportunity to take a course on Agroecology that shifted her direction into agriculture. She started with an 85-hour permaculture design course in Oakland that inspired a career shift into viticulture. After a diverse array of experiences, Sierra found a greater calling to return to the Napa Valley to work alongside leaders for climate resiliency. When she is not working with growers to help them achieve their climate action goals, Sierra devotes her time toward training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and petting every cat she encounters.