APRIL 20, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

Living Room Salon: The State of Sustainability

living room Salon

We will close out the 2023 RISE Climate & Wine Symposium with a dialogue on the state of wine industry sustainability. The aim of the RISE Symposium is to accelerate sustainability and climate action, and focus our sites on critical issues, opportunities, resources, and partners. Now how do we turn aspiration to action and impact, growing regional resilience and longevity while also leveraging our powerful platform to motivate global progress on all six pillars of sustainable winegrowing leadership?


Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson, will lead a conversation about the State of Sustainability. Esther Mobley, Senior Wine Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle will share her thoughts on the future of the Napa Valley and the steps necessary to remain in the global spotlight; Will Drayton, Director of Technical Viticulture, Sustainability & Research at Treasury Wine Estates, will share an international perspective on wine industry sustainability, including the evolving landscape and mandates of Environmental Social Governance (ESG); Kia Behnia, owner of Neotempo Wines & KiaTra Vineyards, will share some cutting edge approaches to sustainable winegrowing, including glass and packaging innovation; and Alexandria Villaseñor, co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and founder of Earth Uprising International, will share her perspective on the urgency of the climate crisis, particularly for Gen Z.


Andrea Robinson, MS

Master Sommelier

Andrea Robinson is a world-renowned Master Sommelier who takes the seemingly daunting subject of wine and food, and brings it down to earth for all to understand and enjoy. Robinson, one of only 26 female Master Sommeliers in the world, couples this distinction with a strong culinary pedigree as a graduate and former Dean of the French Culinary Institute, and the winner of three James Beard Awards. In addition, she has been widely featured across leading national television networks and publications as the “go-to” expert for all things wine. She and her husband John live in Napa Valley.


Esther Mobley

Wine Critic at the San Francisco Chronicle

Esther Mobley is the wine critic at the San Francisco Chronicle.  Prior to joining the Chronicle in 2015, she was an assistant editor at Wine Spectator magazine in New York, and has worked harvests at wineries in Napa Valley and Argentina. She was the 2019 Feature Writer of the Year in the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards.


Find her work at:



will drayton

Director of Technical Viticulture and Research Winemaking at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE)

Will Drayton is the Director of Technical Viticulture, Sustainability and Research at Treasury Wine Estates
(TWE), one of the world’s largest wine companies. Will has been with TWE since 2008, beginning in
viticulture at Etude Winery and has held many positions within the viticulture and winemaking groups.
In his current role, Will guides TWE’s US sustainability efforts in addition to technical and scientific aspects of winegrowing in California. He serves on the committee that guides the Sustainable Wine Roundtable, Chair of the PD-GWSS board for the CDFA and board member of the Los Carneros Water District.
Will holds a Master’s degree from UC Davis in Horticulture and Agronomy and undergraduate degree in
Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Will resides with his young family in Sebastopol, CA.


Alexandria Villaseñor

co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and founder of Earth Uprising International

At the age of 13, Alexandria Villaseñor co-founded the U.S. Youth Climate Strike movement, part of the youth led international Fridays for Future movement. Now, at the age of 16, Alexandria has become an internationally recognized environmental activist, public speaker, author and founder of several more initiatives, including the climate education focused non-profit, Earth Uprising International. She has addressed the Democratic National Convention, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. She is a contributing author to All We Can Save, an anthology of women climate leaders, and a child petitioner for the ground-breaking international complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, Children vs. Climate Crisis. Alexandria also serves on the advisory board for the national climate policy platform Evergreen Action, and she is the youngest Junior Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. For her work, Alexandria has received the Earth Day Network Youth Leadership Award, The Rachel Carson Environmental Justice Award, the Common Good American Spirit Changemaker award and was included on Politico’s top 100 people influential in climate change policy list.


Kia Behnia

Proprietor of KIATRA Vineyard, NEOTEMPO Wines

Kia is a technologist turned vintner – Kia and his wife Tracy have owned and operated KIATRA vineyard since 2011.  From the beginning the idea was to combine organic and biodynamic methods with the use of precision farming technologies to continuously improve quality of the fruit while reducing the impact on the environment and reduce the use of critical natural resources. KIATRA vineyard is now under the stewardship of Phil Coturri and his highly skilled team at Enterprise Vineyards to combine their organic and regenerative growing experience with Kia on precision farming practices such as smart irrigation and computer vision for crop evaluation and all electric Monarch tractors for a diesel free future.

Kia and Tracy are launching their new wine brand NEOTEMPO wines which has a commitment to bringing to market many innovations from ‘dirt to glass’ for lowering carbon emissions and building a playbook on climate resilience.


Mr. Behnia is a frequent industry speaker at industry events and active in participating and leading industry wide initiatives for the adoption of new technologies.  


Prior to his time in Napa, Kia held senior executive roles at public and private large scale enterprise technology companies – Splunk, BMC Software, IBM/Tivoli, and Marimba.


Mr. Behnia has 28+ years of industry experience in IT Operations, cloud platforms, enterprise mobility and digital transformation. Mr. Behnia holds a B.A. degree in Computer Science from University of California at Davis.